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click6.gif (3593 bytes) Welcome to RIP Outlaws site!

DoZ and I "ZeB" decided we want start to play Outlaws again and so we installed the game again. Brought home all those good old maps. We played some against each other and decided it was time to enter the zone again. Both thought we should start with new names and we decided we want do a duo. We become RIP, RIP was a old posse that we want make live again with this duo. First thing we notice was that it was almost only new names. That is not strange because when we stop playing it, allot had left Outlaws already. And the duo become a Trio with our new member BoB. RIP is a trio for now on!

A few thing that's this duo stands for!

  • First of all we follow ML.

  • Second we respect people that respect us - We want keep a nice look at High noon. Not many follow it today by flood or talk dirty. What that leads to I don't know but some think it's fun.

  • We host the games and picks maps - we set the rules over the game - you should follow it or get booted if we know have to do it :-)

  • We will not take in any members because of it almost always lead to fights and splits. We are a duo and is happy with it. So don't ask.

  • People that jumps in water "bobbing" and thinks they are so good - we hate them. Because the bullets can't hit you in the water. Don't ask me why they did left a easy bug like that when they release the game.

  • We are here for fun and enjoy our games. We don't take it to serious because we can't be unbeaten for ever.  Every one lose time to time.

  • People that call others for cheaters is low - Yeah it's cheaters out there. They are in every games out there. But if you can't see skill with cheat then don't mention any thing. We would never call anyone for a cheater open. What I don't understand is people that cheats - what is fun with that? Because then you haven't really beaten them right?

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